Henrik Colding-Jørgensen: SIGNAL VESTVOLDEN (1995)

Fanfare for 4 trumpets in C, C, Bb and Eb basso


To be played before each live performance of Discours With Time in The Peace Powder Magazine and in the terrain of The Western Rampart, Broendby, Copenhagen. A commission from the Brøndby Municipality.

First performance Brøndby, 15 June 1996, by four members of the Brass Ensemble of the Danish Royal Guard.

Manuscript. Copyright © 1996 Henrik Colding-Jørgensen


The prémiere


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FullSize (27x34cm)   A4


Tpt 1 in C PART fullsize

Tpt 2 in C PART fullsize

Tpt 3 in Bb PART fullsize

Tpt 4 in Ebbasso PART fullsize

Press here to listen to a fragment of the music (mp3)

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