Henrik Colding-Jørgensen

Orchestral works





Babylon f. piano and orchestra, 1991, 14' - Manus.

Le Alpi nel Cuore f. symphony orchestra, 1988. Prem. 6. nov. 1991 at Louisiana Museum, 16'. Ed. EDITION-S

Nuup Kangerlua (Nuuk Fjord) f. symphony orchestra, 1985. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1990, 27'. Ed. EDITION-S . Concours de Composition Musicale Ballet et Opera Geneve 1985.

Ballade f. kontrabasstuba and chamber orchestra, 1979. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1982, 16'. Ed. EDITION-S . Dedicated Jørgen Arnsted. Commissioned by the State Art Foundation.

Victoria Gennem Skoven Victoria Through the Forest, f. contralto and orchestra, 1975. text: Karsten Bjarnholt. Prem. Randers 16.11.1977. Ed. EDITION-S. Commisioned by Randers byorkester.

At elske musikken (To Love Music) f. orchestra, 1975. Prem. 6.5.1976, 32'. Ed. BIS LP og cd. Commissioned by The Danish State Radio for the 50 years anniversary og the Radio Symphony Orchesta. Manus

Albert f. contralto, tenor, mixed choir, childrens choir and orchestra, 1970. Prem. Holstebro 1974, 25'. Text: Karsten Bjarnholt. 1. Prize in the composition competition by Holstebro and The Danish State Radio 1970. Manuscript

Barbare f. 6 vocal soloists, choir and orchestra, 1967. Text by Arthur Rimbaud. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1972, 7'. Ed. EDITION-S .

På din tærskel At your doorstep, f. contralto and orchestra, 1966. Text by Ivan Malinovski. Prem. Helsinki, 25.2.1967. Ed. EDITION-S , 3. serie nr. 233.