Henrik Colding-Jørgensen






Discourse With Time, fl. in C and G, clar. in  Bb and Bb basso, cello, sax in Eb and Eb basso, trombone, percussion, 1996. Prem. 15.6.1996 at Vestvolden, Brøndby, 29' Performance in a constantly changing arrangement of positions outdoors and indoors at Vestvoldens Fredskrudtmagasin, Brøndby. Commision by Brøndby Kommune. Manus, including positionings at Vestvolden.

Image f. instrumental or vocal solo or ensemble, 1992. Prem. 2.11.1992 at Copenhagen. Ed. Danish Composers Union 1992, post card. Graphic work. EDITION-S

CHAOS f. instrumental ensemble, 1982. Prem. 1982 Copenhagen. Graphic work. See the sheet here. Manus.

Museik f. any instrumentation, 1979. Prem. København 1979. Consists of 10 graphic sheets in color. Manus.

Jeg ved det godt. Together with Karsten Bjarnholt. English title: I know. Tape, 1973. Prem. Danmarks Radio 1974, 9'. Commissioned by Danmarks Radio.


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