for treble choir groups and organ

SOPRANI SSS - CORO SMA - CORO II ad lib SA - ECO SMA - ORGAN 2-3 manuals and ped. 5'.

Manuscript. Copyright © H. Colding-Jorgensen


First performance at the concluding concert of a Regional Choral Festival of FOLKEKIRKENS UNGDOMSKOR EAST in

Koege Nicolai Church, 21 June 1986, by more than 200 singers in 18 member choirs from the region.

Conductors: Gunnar Svensson SOPRANI - Margrethe Østergaard ECO - Henrik Colding-Jorgensen, CORO + CORO II + general director.

Organ: Per Salo.



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          Choral score SOPRANI SSS a4 (pdf)       Choral score CORO SMA a4 (pdf)


          Choral score CORO II SA a4  (pdf)       Choral score ECO a4      (The organ is played from the full score full size or a4)



            Arrangement in Køge Nicolai Church at the first performance: