Henrik Colding-Jørgensen

Vocal music






Englens Hånd (Text from Book of Revelations) f. Alto, bass, piano and accordion, 2001. Prem. Susaa festival 2001. Dedicated Ensemble Couleurs. Ed. EDITION-S 2004.

Nunc Est f. mezzosoprano, clarinet in A and organ, 1989. Prem. 12.6.1990, ca. 18’. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here. Movements: 1.Quis credidit - 2.Clama - 3.Sic enim - 4.Amen, Amen - 5.Novissima hora.

2 Songs by Keats, f. soprano and guitar, 1988. Prem. Helsinki, Nordic Music Days 1991, 8'. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here.

Du sollst nicht, f. mezzosopran, clarinet and piano, 1984. Urof. Roskilde 1984, 5'. Manus

An die Nachgeborenen II, f. soprano and wind quintet (fl, ob, clar, cor, fag), 1984. Prem. Louisiana 1984, 6'. Ed. mc SAMF SUDM 023. Manus

Enfance II, f. mezzosoprano and bass clarinet, 1983. Prem. Numus 1983, 4'. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here , mc SAMF SUDM 023

Dein Schweigen, f. mezzosoprano, clarinet og piano, 1982. Prem. Aarhus 1982 Numus Festival, 6'. Ed. mc SAMF SUDM 023

An die Nachgeborenen I, f. soprano and wind quintet (fl, ob, clar, cor, fag), 1980. Prem. København 1981, 10'. Ed. mc SAMF SUDM 023. Dedicated to Birgit Bastian and Den Danske Blæserkvintet

Altid noget andet, Always Something Else, f. tenor and viola d'amore, 1973. Prem. Lyngby 26.5.1973, 8'. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen. Commissioned by Lyngby Unge Tonekunstnere

4 Albert Songs, f. contralto solo, 1971. Prem. Lyngby 1972, 5'. Ed. EDITION-S, mc SAMF SUDM 023

Enfance IV, f. contralto and piano, 1968. Uropd. København 1969, 5'. Ed. EDITION-S , mc SAMF SUDM 023



Image f. instrumental or vocal solo or ensemble, 1992. Prem. 2.11.1992 at Copenhagen. Ed. Danish Composers Union 1992, post card. Graphic work. EDITION-S

Museik f. any instrumentation, 1979. Prem. København 1979. Consists of 10 graphic sheets in color.


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