Henrik Colding-Jørgensen

Solo instrument






Lux Perpertua Luceat Eis f. organ solo, 2009. Premiered St. Johannes Church, Herning, 2 November 2009. 4 ½’. Manus

In the middle of f. double bass solo, 2009. Manus. Alt. f. cello solo.

Screaming Void f. Accordion solo, 2005.

Primavere f. Cello solo, 2002. Ded. Gert v. Bülow. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. See the score here.

Elegie - Wiegenlied f. cello solo, 2000. Ded: "To the children in Kosova". Prem. Hundige Church, February 2001. Ed. EDITION-S 2004. See the score here.

Danses de l'Escargot, pour Arpe, 2000. Ed. EDITION-S . 2004. See the score here.

To Mænd I Hvide Klæder, Duo Viri In Vestibus Albis f. organ solo,1999. Prem. St. Johannes Kirke, Herning, 1. nov. 1999. Mandatory at the International Organ Competition in Odense 2002. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen.

Sourires, Smiles, f. tuba solo, 1997. Performed in the Temple Church, Helsinki, at the Nordic Music Festival september 2000. Manus

Se, her er mere end Salomon (Behold, something greater than Solomon is here), f. organ, 1988. Meditation over Matt. 12, 42. Prem. 21.8.1988 in Kildebrønde Church. Ed. Kirkemusikforlaget 2004. "Maet min sjael", p. 68.

Toccata, Aria e Minuetto, f. oboe solo, 1986. Prem. Helen Jahren i DR 21.11.1993. Ed. EDITION-S See the score here.

Boast, f. tuba solo, 1980 Prem. København 1980 Cd: Hungaroton HCD 31642. - See the score here. Ed. EDITION-S

Magnus, f. organ, 1972. Prem. Skovshoved 27.11.1972. Awarded a prize af Stockholms International Organ Festival 1973. Ed. EDITION-S. See the score here.

Cello f. cello solo, 1972. Prem. Roskilde 1973. Ed. Egtved. c/o Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Mourn, f. guitar solo ,1969. Prem. Helsinki 1971. Ed. EDITION-S



Image f. instrumental or vocal solo or ensemble, 1992. Prem. 2.11.1992 at Copenhagen. Ed. Danish Composers Union 1992, post card. Graphic work. EDITION-S

Museik f. any instrumentation, 1979. Prem. København 1979. Consists of 10 graphic sheets in color.


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